Healthful Spirit
Healthful Spirit
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I love cooking. I love calligraphy. I treasure things that bring joy to my life and the lives around me. Here I serve as a curator of those joyous things.

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Spirituality is a flash word for the media to use when describing Millenials' embrace of 'broader consciousness' and lack of embrace of organized religion. But what spirituality means to this Millenial is the recognition that our earth, this Universe, and our selves are sacred spaces. Maybe you agree, maybe you don't. Your agreement doesn't alter your extraordinary existence. So, choose as you will. Either way - 

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This blog is simple. It's a space for me to share the recipes, foods, snacks, sweets that allow the body to function at its highest capacities. It's a space for you to share what you know with me and with the rest of this community. For I know little and we are all in this life together. It is also a space for me to share some of the things that bring beauty to my life, in hope that it brings beauty into yours. Let's dance.

“Say to the Universe again and again, ‘How may I serve you?’ And the Universe will respond back, ‘How may I serve you?’”
— Dr. Wayne Dyer