Hello & Welcome to Healthful Spirit

Hello, friend. Thanks for visiting this humble site of mine. I'm Cait - mother to two pups (every day), daughter of great parents (on my best days), and sister to two humans (on the days I can stand it).


Colorado is my home and has been from the beginning. While my parents (not so) secretly always wanted me to spread my wings; I've never been able to wander too far away. 

My day job is in technology and its ever-changing complexities. While I've worked in every style available to us today (desk-bound, in the field, traveling), I now work from home. This allows me to spend my time between work surges doing things I love & I am grateful for that every single day.


So, why follow this site? Why stick around to see the show? I'm going to fill this space with beautiful things, the things that bring vibrance to my life. And I hope they do the same for you.

Consciousness. Cooking. Calligraphy...General Coziness. So, let's do this together. Let's share some memories and bring light to each other's lives. Onward & upward on our journey!