Ink on Spirit

Have you ever picked up an activity and immediately felt like you were meant to do it? Like you'd been doing to your whole life? 

Me neither.

So, here I am, still suspicious of all those stories about craft destiny. But I have found an activity that quiets my mind. It gets crazy in there! The stillness is welcome. 


As a child I loved learning, practicing, and using cursive. It was one of my favorite classes. Handwriting has always been a love. Enter the mother of all cursive - calligraphy. As discussed above, this was not an easy introduction. I splattered, stained, and made squiggly lines that in no way resembled the beautiful calligraphy of my friend leading the workshop. 

A bit of patience (and the ten more years of practice I need!) and I can say I enjoy this artform more than any I've ruined in the past. I can only hope a few of you are handwriting obsessed as I am! I'll share more of my calligraphy journey here in the future. It's a topic I never grow tired of talking about.

It doesn't really matter what sparks your heart as long as you nurture it as the gift it is. We are lucky.